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Full Spectrum Oil Tincture 1500MG (15%)

Dosage Chart
Dosage Chart
Dosage Chart

  • One of our stronger concentration oils possessing 1500mg of full spectrum extract in a 10ml bottle. The organic oil formula is a potent source of all-natural properties including, cofactors and terpenes. They also includes the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3s and 6s, as well as essential vitamins like Vitamin E.

    Size: 10ml bottle

    Strength: 1500mg of Full Spectrum Oil per bottle (15%, STRONG)
  • As a dietary supplement, use  once or twice daily. Our recommended usage is 1-3 drops per day on an empty stomach. Increase dosage if required.

    Mix oil into your favourite drinks and recipes to experience the benefits without sacrificing taste.

    To use the dropper, squeeze gently on the rubber tip and release to fill the dropper. To place drops under your tongue, fill the dropper and press gently on the rubber tip to release the droplets.

    Store bottle in a cool dry place.

    Hygiene tip - Avoid putting the dropper applicator in your mouth and putting it back in the bottle.

    Maintain consistency with your doses to successfully see results.
  • Hempseed oil (50%), Omega 3 (0.75g), Omega 6 (2.5g), Vitamin E (5mg), full spectrum extract 15% (1500mg),

  • Terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta-pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene and Humulene.

    Other natural molecules, plant waxes, alkanes, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, ketones, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, pigments, water, cofactors, and co-nutrients. 
  • Endoca Tincture 15% COA